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Hi! I’m Gavin. I like music because it makes you feel things – happy, sad, nostalgic, or all three. It is a perfect companion. There is always a song for how you feel and for each moment of your life. I’ve known for a long time that music would be more than something playing in the background. From an early age, I let it consume me. I would steal my dad’s records, crank the volume up to 11, and jam along on my air guitar. Alas, my guitar hero dreams subsided as I fell in love with the drums at the age of 11. Soon, my garage became ground zero for many of my musical endeavors. In that garage, I got my first taste of recording and audio engineering. You’d be surprised by the sounds you can capture with a cheap mic hanging from the ceiling of a garage. I would feel so proud any time one of my bands would record a “demo.” “That’s us” I would say, “That’s me, on my drums, playing those notes, along with those guitars. That’s us writing our own music! How cool is that?!” My teenage dreams of rock stardom didn’t pan out, but I still feel the same youthful excitement when I get to play and record music. I think that all artists can relate to that feeling of pride and excitement. “That’s my work, my emotions, my heart, sweat, and tears on that record, on that canvas, in these words.”  


While becoming certified in Avid Pro Tools I was lucky enough to cultivate my passion at Robert Lang Studios: a place where many artists poured out their deepest emotions and captured their magic. Let's bring what you’re feeling to life and record some magic of our own.   


Here is a playlist of songs I have recorded, mixed, or both!


Thanks! I'll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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